THE SACRED JOURNEY – (Adapted from R.A. Johnson’s book – Inner Gold)


Dante was standing near the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge that crosses the Arno River in Florence. Dante saw Beatrice walking up to the bridge. He was just a young man, she even younger, and he was struck in wonder by her vision which contained the whole of eternity for him. It was a vision of completeness.

Dante did not speak to her. He saw her very little in his lifetime. Beatrice died soon after carried off by the plague when she was twenty five years old. Dante was stricken with the loss of his vision. She was the intermediary between his soul and heaven itself. Dante went on to marry, and he and Signora Alighieri raised three children.

Later in life, in Dante’s poem ‘The Divine Comedy’, he begins by saying that he was walking along in the afternoon of life and fell into a deep hole. He was going along pretty well and then suddenly he had a midlife crisis and fell into a deep depression.

In The Divine comedy Dante finds himself in hell, the underworld. Here he encounters Virgil, the ancient Greek poet who guides him through the levels of hell. Virgil represents the intellect. After encountering the ice and fire of Hell and the Devil himself, Virgil and Dante journey through Purgatory toward Heaven which lies at the other side of Hell. In Purgatory Virgil says to Dante, “It is here you work out what is wrong with your life, but I can go with you no further, someone far greater than I will guide you from now on. Beatrice will guide you from here”, the same Beatrice that had opened the vision of Heaven to Dante on the Ponte Vecchio.

Dante’s intellect, Virgil, leaves him. Dante is terrified, Reason has left him, Beatrice the vision of heaven was now to take over. He had no choice but to follow his soul guide.

She takes Dante, as his soul guide through the deeper levels of Purgatory and on to Heaven.

For us all this is an inner journey of wholeness and healing. In Jungian terms ‘individuation’.

Each of us has a double anima/animus, for a man, a radiant feminine vision of tenderness and hope, versus a sexually attractive worldly, bitch, whore. For a woman. A ‘knight in white armour’, or a barbarian. Hence it is likely that one’s soul guide will be, a ‘Beatrice’ for a man, and a ‘Lancelot’ for a woman; for homosexuals one would just change the labels.

When you’re truly ready to listen, Beatrice/Lancelot will appear. Just attend to the moment and ask.



Inner Gold Ch:3  – Robert A Johnson                 

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Managing the ‘Black Dog’

Hypnotherapy can help clients hold a new perspective on their depression, give them confidence to deal with their fears. It may not be a ‘cure all’ in some cases, but hypnotherapy can definitely be helpful for creating coping mechanisms and strategies. I have written below, by kind permission of one of my clients, his ‘self help’ guide whilst suffering the highs and lows of his depressive has been edited slightly to the ‘third person’:

“A self guide to dealing with the highs and lows of “Depression”..whatever condition that is!

IMPORTANT: This is a personal account only which maybe, or may not be, similar to your own experiences. The symptoms and treatments are personal and are for support wherever possible, and please if you are prescribed meds by your GP…..take them!”

High, wild, energetic, ecstatic, wide smiles, grins and hysterical laughter. You are are burnin..! Life is a joy and you can’t thank the Universe enough for putting you on this planet. You are ‘on top of things’ totally. Every word of a Love song speaks to you.


Enjoy!! BE wild, high and ecstatic and entertaining [within reason]!! DO NOT drink alcohol, or eat too much chocolate. RUN. DANCE. Do exercise, do STUFF..write down your wildest dreams. THANK THE UNIVERSE, write down your inspirations, be thankful and remember. If possible share all this with someone close to you whom you trust.

Burning heart, rushing, random, negative thoughts; obsession; alone abandonment. Hopelessness on Earth and in the Universe and Heaven (if for you there is a Heaven). Crying…deep crying..then maybe laughter..then again more tears.


Get DRESSED, get OUT, WALK in the sunshine, or rain, or snow, or under the stars or lamplit blackness of the night. BREATHE IT IN..DEEPLY. frills..ACCEPT and be GRATEFUL..YES believe it or not!!
No alcohol or chocolate; no bluesey music or books AT ALL! Be patient, look down on yourself, remember it will not last. If tired..SLEEP, NAP. If not sleepy MEDITATE and empty yourself. If possible share all this with someone close to you whom you trust.

Feeling OK actually, neither ‘high’ nor ‘low’, normal..on a par!

Advice to self
Reflect occasionally on the notes you write when you are ‘depressed’. Write down your own ways to manage your good and bad times..act on them..increase your self confidence. Regularise your eating and sleeping habits, keep up the exercise and basking in the sun when it chooses to shine. Aim to be with people that are positive and uplifting.
Be gentle on yourself.

Welcome to my blog!


Welcome to my Blog!!

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Setting up the foundations of a therapeutic business is hard work, but fun, and leaves me full of anticipation! I am overwhelmed by the interest from friends and contacts who have both offered great advice and encouragement, many have said they would be interested in finding out more about being hypnotised..even if they are somewhat apprehensive when they think they might ‘lose control’!! I can assure you, and all of them..I felt the same, but quickly realised after being hypnotised several times during training, how the opposite was the case..and that I actually felt more empowered as a result.

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